Deionised water
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Deionised water

Deionised or demineralised water is technically pure water from which all salts and hardening substances have been removed. As a result, this water is suitable for numerous applications where the use of pure, high quality water is a critical element. These could include the chemical, medical and food industries, cleaning of tanks, pipeliness and glass. Deionised or demineralised water is not meant for human consumption.

Deionised water ex-stock

Supply can be carried out in different quantities:

  • in multiboxes/IBC tanks (1,000 litres)
  • in drums (200 litres)
  • in cans (1 to 25 litres)
  • bulk by road tanker or by barge

Self-production of deionised / demineralised water

Our sister company Hatenboer-Water can also offer you a range of solutions for the self-production of deionised water. Both for smaller amounts and for capacities up to 50 m3 of pure water per hour. Please contact us for the best possible solution for your situation.

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Hatenboer Neptunus water


MSDS demineralised water pdf 197kb


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 Hatenboer-Neptunus delivers also
     water by means of road tankers?

 we reach the Netherlands, 
      Belgium and Northern part
      of Germany?

 the road tankers also can 
     supply you with cooling water?

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