Our water trucks deliver water in bulk quantities by road to our industrial clients, for drinking water, demineralised water or technical water made to specifications. 

Bulk deliveries of technical or drinking water are always transported by road with our water trucks, including required materials. Our water trucks are used solely for this purpose and therefore only transport a specific water type. Deliveries for other destinations within Europe are also carried out by water truck; enquire after our options and prices! Each water truck has a capacity of 30m3 and comes equipped with all standard connections and drains. 

Bulk water transport      

Our bulk water deliveries are delivered by water truck including all required equipment. Place your water orders 24/7, 365 days per year. In addition to bulk packaging, our different types of water can be delivered in smaller quantities as well; go to the related product page for more information or place your order directly in our webshop. 

Capacities and options    

Our water trucks transport our water deliveries to industrial clients, both for drinking water as well as demineralised water. They can also be used for deliveries of temporary water supplies, for which you can choose from tank containers in various capacity options. These can be rented out to you at short notice, including items such as pressurisation or filtration sets and dosing units if so required.

Contact us now to find out more about fast water delivery options for our water trucks and pricing information for our bulk deliveries!


  • Water quality statement for truck transportation

    Download our truck transportation statement  (PDF - 103 KB)

  • Demiwater foodgrade statement

    Download foodgrade statement (306 KB)

  • Demineralised water specifications

    Download our demineralised water specifications (PDF - 271 KB)


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