In addition to our standard water options, drinking and demineralised, you can order other types of water mixtures with us as well. Do you need water with antifreeze, for example? Or with a different type of agent mixed in? Our team of process engineers will take care of providing the right kind of water mixture according to your specifications.

Water tailored to your specifications

Would you like to find out more? Contact us for more specific information about options and delivery times for tailor made water orders.

Water quality: sampling and analyses    

Our sister company Hatenboer-Water has a team dedicated to Water Quality. The water quality consultants in this team can advise on proper water management requirements, compliance with health and safety regulations as well as troubleshooting and the sampling and analysis services offered by our professionals. For more information, please consult our website or contact them by phone: 0031 10 409 12 00.

Place your water orders with us

  • Water quality checks; Sterlab certified checks

  • Our barges are equipped with quick loading and offloading facilities: up to 300m3 per load

  • Water trucks for deliveries in the Netherlands and Belgium, up to 30m3 per load

  • Certificates available, as per request

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  • Aad Hagestein
    Manager Operations
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  • Can I also order drinking water for an event?

    Do you need a temporary water storage? During maintenance work, an event (plumbing) or just as a backup? In that case, you can fall back on a Hatenboer tank unit. The 20 "container has a capacity of 23m3 and can be rented per day, possibly with a booster system.

  • How can I extend the shelf life of water?

    With drinking water we can also supply Hadex® disinfectant in jerry cans of 2½, 10 and 25 liters. Hadex® is an approved drinking water disinfectant that prolongs the storage life of your water in a safe and easy way. In addition to drinking water, Hatenboer-Neptunus can also provide technically pure (demineralised) water and cooling water / antifreeze, in bulk or adjusted quantities.

  • How can I have the quality of my drinking water tested?

    Our sister organization Hatenboer-Water samples water on a large scale on board ships and in ports so that you comply with the regulations. For information about this service, please contact the Water Quality department on +31 (0)10 409 12 00.

  • How long is pure water sustainable?

    Pure water without salts and hard formers can be kept for a year (if properly sealed)

  • Is additional sampling required for my region?

    Our drinking water sampling consultants operate around the globe, using the Ship Sanitation guidelines (WHO) as a standard. However, certain maritime regions require additional tests. 

    Unsure about compliance issues for specific regions? Our experienced consultants are happy to advise you about water disinfection.

  • Most common non-conformities

    Whenever drinking water seems to have an abnormal smell, taste or colour, any of the following problems may have occurred: 

    - Sedimentation, corrosion, biofouling

    - Irregularities showing up in analyses

    - Physical, chemical and/or biological contamination

    - System failure

    - Equipment wear

    - Membrane fouling

    Unsure what the cause of your drinking water problem may be? Contact us for support. 

  • World wide support & service, on- and offshore

    Need assistance? Our globally operating support and consultancy professionals are happy to assist you with water quality issues, (pre) commissioning or re-commisioning, surveys, midlife updates and conservation or chemical cleaning advice. Rely on their extensive knowledge and experience; they are experienced in handling support issues in all kinds of environments. In addition, they can train and assist your crew at your site in order to help you achieve optimal operation and maintenance conditions.

    Our international support and consultancy services related to water quality include water safety risk analyses, sampling, water analyses and training.