Corporate news: management changes


Hatenboer-Neptunus Holding has decided to implement a managerial change to further enable global growth and business development. An executive level position has been created for the role of Commercial Director.      

Guy Heijnen    

The person who will be fulfilling this post is Guy Heijnen, currently Managing Director of Hatenboer-Waer Asia in the Singapore office and businesses. Guy will move from Singapore to our Dutch location in Schiedam and will take up his new function from the first of August. He will be responsible for all commercial activities by the Hatenboer-Water, Hatenboer-Water Asia and Hatenboer-Neptunus branches. Guy has managed our Singapore office for the last 6 years.

Vincent van Varik    

With Guy's career change, the post of Managing Director in Singapore opens up. Vincent van Varik will be taking over this position from the first of August. Vincent has worked at our Schiedam offices for 9 years now in different roles. The position he last held in our Schiedam offices was Manager of the Project Sales team.

The Hatenboer-Neptunus Holding team supports both Guy and Vincent in their career moves and relocations. We trust these internal developments will strengthen our business fundaments for the future.