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Sometimes we receive special orders. At Hatenboer-Neptunus we like that. Our flexibility and ingenuity is triggered and tested. Flexibility is one of our core values and embedded in our organisation. Not so strange, once you realise that water is a necessity to life and that our roots lie in the Port of Rotterdam where activities never stop....


Wuthering heights - For the jack-up drilling rig "Rowan Gorilla 7" we supplied fresh drinking water at a height of 155 metres!
Due to good co-operation with the Service Department of our sister company Hatenboer-Water we were able to comply to this request.

Vast amounts - 1100 tons of fresh drinking water had to be delivered to the vessel "Seven Oceans". At this moment the vessel was docked at Merwede Shipyard in Hardinxveld Giessendam. Though the shipyard is not nearby we still could supply. This project has been executed to fully satisfaction of the customer.

Project: "AIDA LUNA"
A rush job - Owing to wind force scale 7 Aida Luna was diverted from IJmuiden to Hook of Holland. By staking everything - evidently our regular supply contracts could be honored as well - we could take care of the water provision for the almost 2000 passengers. It involved a total of 600 tons.

Project: "A rinsing job"
Rinsing - The hull of a luxury yacht was built overseas and transported to the Netherlands via the North Sea. Before finishing the construction of the yacht in the Netherlands, the salt residues had to be removed from the hull. Hatenboer-Neptunus had the honor to do this chore. Thus we do not only provide drinking or demineralised water, but we also occasionally provide rinsing water!

Project: "TI Europe / Pioneering Spirit"
Ultra-large crude carrier - Sometimes it is not the project in itself that is special, but is it the vessel that makes a water delivery remarkable. This time is was the largest supertanker in the world, the Tankers International (TI) Europe.
With 380x 68.1 meter a real giant. Or what do you think of the Pioneering Spirit with its surface of eight soccer fields?

Project: "MY SAVANNAH"
Sometimes you’re in the picture. When stationed at the Pioneering Spirit you’re not, but at the dock of the MV Savannah right near the gangway you will be noticed certainly. Especially when the tankcontainer is filled up by one of our water trucks.


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