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Fresh in water since 1906

The Hatenboer organisation has a long history in the world of water. Its roots lie in the Rotterdam-based company Hatenboer-Neptunus, which has been providing shipping and industry in the port of Rotterdam with water since 1906 by means of so-called "waterbarges".

In order to keep pace with the ever-changing market demands and the increase in problems related to water, in the early 1970's Hatenboer-Demi was founded. Since then this branche has grown into a modern company with a complete programme of equipment, products and services for general (drinking) water treatment. 

Hatenboer-Demi vs Demitec vs Hatenboer-Water

Some years ago the name, Hatenboer-Demi, has been changed into Hatenboer-Water, to make clear at a glance in what field the activities take place. Following the emergence of membrane filtration in the 1980's, Demitec BV was started by the fourth generation, Peter Willem Hatenboer. Initially as a separate division for Demitec® membrane filtration. At the modification of Hatenboer-Demi into Hatenboer-Water, the Demitec activities were also placed under the name Hatenboer-Water.

In Hatenboer-Water the knowledge, expertise and experience are bundled and as a result, the organisation is able to offer its evergrowing worldwide circle of clients, a complete package of solutions: installations, products and services. They act as a full service provider as they can take care of the production of drinking water right through to the treatment of ballast water. In 2013 Hatenboer-Water Asia Pte Ltd started in Singapore. Nowadays the Hatenboer organisation has a workforce of over 100 people.

As a result of the growth of all activities, in 1998 the forming of Hatenboer-Neptunus Holding B.V. became a necessity. Hatenboer-Neptunus is still focused on the core activity, namely the supply of water.

1906 | Founder D. Hatenboer Sr. and
employees at start up water supply

1936 | Retirement founder, sons Piet
and Adriaan continue

1970 | 3rd generation cousins 
Denis Hatenboer Pzn. and Denis
Hatenboer Azn.

1980 | 4th generation Peter Willem
Hatenboer, son of D. Hatenboer Pzn.