Do you need to order a quick delivery of drinking water? Look no further.     

We’ve been delivering drinking water to ships, offshore and industrial clients since 1906. We started doing this with our water barges in the Rotterdam region, but nowadays we transport it across Europe with our water trucks as well. We still use our water supply barges for deliveries in the Rotterdam port region.

Extending water shelf life: Hadex®  

When delivering our water, we can include Hadex® in the shipment, in jerrycan packages of 2½, 10 or 25 liters. Hadex® is an approved agent for drinking water disinfectant that can easily and safely extend the shelf life of your water. In addition to drinking water, we can deliver technically pure (demi) water as well as cooling / antifreeze water in bulk or tailor made quantities.  

Drinking water quality: sampling and analyses    

Our sister company Hatenboer-Water has a team dedicated to Water Quality. The water quality consultants in this team can advise on proper water management requirements, compliance with health and safety regulations as well as troubleshooting and the sampling and analysis services offered by our professionals. For more information, please consult our website or contact them via phone: 0031 10 409 12 00.

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Order your drinking water with us

  • Water quality checks; SterLab certified lab checks

  • Our barges are equipped with facilities for quick loading and unloading: up till 300 m3 per load

  • Water trucks for deliveries in the Netherlands and Belgium, up to 30 m3 per load

  • Certificates available, as per request