About us

Hatenboer-Neptunus: our story

The history of our organisation has run quite an extensive course. It all started in 1906, when Captain Denis Hatenboer started supplying water to seagoing ships. Both his sons Piet and Adriaan were involved in the company from a young age, working on the growing fleet of water supply vessels and eventually end up taking over management of the company from their father. 

Water treatment as well as water supply     

Another branche named Hatenboer-Water was added to the company in order to meet the increase in water related demands and challenges, focusing specifically on water treatment. By now, the company is managed by Peter Willem, 4th generation Hatenboer in line to do so. New activities are developed for water treatment, complementing the water supply services. A production department is added as well as an in-house R&D team. 

Nowadays; well over a century later…     

In due course, our current, modern and international organisation took shape. With a complete range of water treatment products and services as well as our water supply services. Water trucks were added to our water supply fleet, enabling us to deliver drinking and demineralised water by road as well, all over the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, we deliver drinking water containers for short term rentals and have by now added an impressive list of ‘specials’ to our CV, including events such as the Rotterdam Marathon but also delivering hot water for swimming pools and many more water clients.