Demineralised water; technically pure water    

Demineralised water is technically pure water, from which all salts have been removed. This treatment makes it suitable for various applications that require pure water of excellent quality. For example for processes in chemical industries, medical or food and beverage industries, cleaning water for tanks, piping or glass.

Demineralised water or osmosis water?     

Demineralised water is often called osmosis water. Osmosis water is well known for its excellent quality for the use of washing, testing or battery water.


Demineralised water is most certainly not suitable for human consumption. Our demineralised water certificates are available as per your request.

Download documentation on demineralised water

  • Demineralised water for city heating, Kema norm

    Download datasheet (PDF 1.3 MB)

  • Demiwater foodgrade statement

    Download foodgrade statement (306 KB)


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