Central district heating

Our demi water is often ordered for use in central district heating processes.

Are you looking for advice on the different options that would suit your situation? Our specialists are happy to share their extensive knowledge on demineralised water and central district heating with you.

Demineralised water for heating     

Since all salts and hardness forming elements have been removed from demineralised water, piping and drains will not be damaged by these agents which makes it particularly well suited for this type of application.


  • Demineralised water, KEMA norm

    Download specifications of our KEMA approved demineralised water (PDF - 1.3 MB)

  • Water pricelist 2019

    Download pricelist for water orders (PDF - 513 KB)

  • Water quality statement for truck transportation

    Download our truck transportation statement  (PDF - 103 KB)

  • Certificate ISO 9001 (English)

    Download Certificate (PDF - 1,67 MB)


Why order water with us for heating systems

  • Compliance with applicable KEMA norms

  • Quick deliveries possible - check with us!

  • Years of experience; rely on us

  • Bulk orders possible, 24/7