Ordering small water quantities

Ordering drinking water or demi water in smaller quantities; per can, drum or container. 

Whenever you need a smaller quantity of drinking water, demi water or cooling water, then you can place your order with us quickly and efficiently in our webshop. Smaller quantities can be ordered either in cans of 1-25 liters, drums of 200 liters or containers of 1000 liters.

Temporary water supply    

Are you looking to rent a temporary water supply? We can rent out 20” tank containers with a capacity of 23m3. These can be supplied together with a pressure set.

Bulk quantities     

All of our water orders can be supplied in bulk as well as in smaller quanties. Find out more about the ordering options for large quantities on the related product page (link).  


  • pricelist Hatenboer Neptunus water supply
    Water pricelist

    Download pricelist for water orders (PDF - 513 KB)

  • Water quality statement for truck transportation

    Download our truck transportation statement  (PDF - 103 KB)

  • Demineralised water, KEMA norm

    Download specifications of our KEMA approved demineralised water (PDF - 1.3 MB)

  • Demineralised water specifications

    Download our demineralised water specifications (PDF - 271 KB)

  • Demiwater foodgrade statement

    Download foodgrade statement (306 KB)


Order your smaller water quantities with us

  • 24/7 order placement and support

  • Rely on our experience and expertise

  • Advice on all water related issues

  • Quick deliveries - inquire after our options!