Water deliveries by barge

Fast and efficient water delivery by barge

We take care of your water deliveries, for drinking water or demineralised water in the Rotterdam harbour area to all maritime and offshore clients. Our water fleet consists of six (6) barges, equipped with facilities for fast loading and offloading.

Water supply barges    

As a standard service, our water supply barges are equipped with all required connections and hoses. This ensures your water order is always delivered to you as a complete package. However, when you require any special type of connection then please contact us so we can make all necessary arrangements.

Delivery areas for our water barges           

We deliver your water swiftly within the Rotterdam harbour area. Call us 24/7 for quick and efficient water transportation. 


  • Water Price List 2023

    Download our price list for water orders (PDF)


Why opt for our water transportation

  • 24/7, flexible options

  • Fast delivery

  • Experience and expertise: we'll find you the right solution