Water for concrete mixtures contains a disinfectant that prevents algae growth. Suitable for mixing concrete on your location and building site. 

Water for concrete mixtures - prevent green coloration of concrete! Need water for mixing concrete at your building site? Order water of exactly the required quality, mixed with a disinfectant. Our water for concrete mixtures prevents the growth of algae that cause concrete coloring.  

Color variations in concrete    

Construction profesionals are familiar with the problem of algae discoloring. In certain weather conditions, algae growth accelerates rapidly in water used for concrete mixtures. This can affect the concrete coloration, resulting in a greenish hue. Quite a shame for that to happen to your nicely constructed brick work! In order to prevent the growth of algae and the ensuing concrete discoloration, we can add a disinfectant to the water and ensure it will remain the color it was intended to have. 

Water for concrete mixtures - delivered to your construction site quickly      

Our water trucks are equipped for safe transportation of water. They are ready to deliver your water order to your location at the earliest possibel moment. Call us now and hear more about possibilities, pricing for water for concrete mixtures and our fast delivery times! 

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