Did you know
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Did you know

  • Demineralised (or deionised) water is suitable for technical applications where pure water is needed?
  • Pure water without any salts and other minerals can be stored up to a year? (If storage is done properly.)
  • Demineralised water is used for filling up of batteries, steam irons and humidifiers?
  • Demineralised water is not suitable for consumption!
  • Demineralised water is ideal for cleaning all kinds of materials, such as glass, aluminum and plastic?
  • Demineralised water dries out without any residue and stains? Demiwater therefore is widely used in window cleaning industry?
  • Demineralised water is not the same as soft water? 
    With demineralised water all hardness and salts (anions and cations) are removed whereas with softened water only the lime is removed.
  • Our demineralised water has a neutral pH-value between 7 and 8?
    A pH of 1, for example, is very acidic and a pH of 14 is very alkaline (basic).
  • You can measure the quality of demineralised water yourself with various test kits we can supply you with?
  • We supply demineralised water in different standard amounts:
    • bulk, by boat and road tanker
    • packed in IBC (1,000 liters)
    • drums of 200 and 60 liters
    • cans of 25, 10 and 5 liters
  • Hatenboer-Neptunus acts since 1906 as a water supplier?
  • We can help you day and night, seven days a week?
  • Our sister company Hatenboer-Water is the specialist for water treatment with a full service range offering sustainable solutions, supplying the right products, spare parts and services? In a diversity of industries, for a diversity of water qualities with a diversity of technologies.

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